Townhouse Gallery

Image courtesy the Townhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art, Cairo

Hussein El Me’mar Pasha Street
at Mahmoud Basyouni Street
Phone: +202 2 576 80 86


Since its inception in 1998, the Townhouse Gallery of contemporary art has established itself as one of the region’s leading independent spaces for the arts, providing an extensive programme of visual arts, film, theatre, and music. In addition, community development initiatives as well as educational programmes figure significantly in our multiple mandates.

Townhouse Gallery has expanded over the course of the last years to accommodate for demands in the realm of visual and performative arts. The opening of the annex in 2001 (the closest thing Townhouse has to a white cube paradigm), and the factory space (a 650-meter form paper factory) in the spring of 2002, have significantly expanded our programme, as well as our exhibition space. Today, the gallery stands as one of the largest private exhibition spaces in the Middle East.

Townhouse’s expansion, like all its evolution, has been informed by the neighborhood in which we are situated. Whether it is the opening of the new space and how it will affect the traffic in the lane, or a music concert that may create noise pollution for the residents in the surrounds, all decisions are made in conjunction with our neighbours.


The Townhouse Gallery is a space for independent arts, aimed at promoting contemporary arts within the region and internationally.

The three-floor main building, adjoining annex and 650-meter converted factory space house exhibition halls showcasing new contemporary works, classrooms, a library, and six studios. The gallery hosts theatre and experimental music performances, as well as film screenings, public lectures, and workshops.